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Get on the First Page of Google

Why Google Ads Are A Must For Your Business!

Google Ads is widely recognised as one of the top tools for lead generation in the digital world. When configured correctly, Google Ads can deliver highly targeted leads directly to your website.

Is your business looking to:

  1. Increase the number of users visiting your website?
  2. Increase your lead count?
  3. Increase conversions on your website and grow sales?
  4. Increase general brand awareness?
  5. All of the above?
If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then Google Ads is a must for your business.
Aston Digital is a google ads management agency based in Melbourne, team of experts for google adwords

Google Ads Management Agency in Melbourne

Google Ad Words can be tricky to get right. Let our team of experts manage it for you and maximise your ROI.

At Aston Digital, we live and breathe Google Ads! Our agency can place paid ads targeting your desired audience across all Google Ads formats including: Google Search, Display, Video (YouTube), Performance Max, Shopping, Gmail, App and Local Services.

Why Work with a Google Ads Agency?

Specialised Knowledge and Skill: Agencies like us have a team of experts who stay up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. Our expertise ensures your campaigns achieve maximum results.

Time Management: Handling Google Ad campaigns consume significant time and effort. Partnering with an agency, like Aston Digital, allows you to delegate this task, freeing up your resources to concentrate on core business activities.

Enhanced ROI: Agencies leverage sophisticated tools and strategies to enhance your ad performance, resulting in greater profitability for your advertising investments.

So What Does Google Ads Management Involve?

If you’re starting from scratch, we can design all of the creative assets required for your campaign (image and/or video) as well as the ad copy.

We will place your ads on your behalf. Once active, we monitor your ad performance on a daily basis and optimise to ensure they deliver results. 

While your campaign is active, we will provide you with regular detailed reports so you can see how performance is tracking. These reports are typically weekly or monthly.

At the end of your campaign, we also produce and present an in-depth campaign report which analyses how your campaign performed overall.

Check Out Our Google Ads Management at Work

Aston Digital has worked with ETP Engine Parts for over 10 years.

As part of their broader Digital Marketing Strategy, we’ve managed and optimised their Google Ad Campaigns, helping to increase their sales every year.

Google Ads Management at work
Google Ads Management at work

Let’s Get Your Google Ads Live!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising platform developed by Google. It allows businesses to create and run ads that appear on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and other Google properties. These are displayed to potential customers who are actively searching for related products or services on Google’s search engine or browsing content on websites within Google’s extensive network.

How much does Google Ads Management in Melbourne cost?

All digital advertising is linear – the more money you put in, the more results you get out. In saying that, there are a number of factors that come into play including the size of your target audience, your campaign objective and the content you have.

To make your investment worthwhile, we typically suggest a minimum budget of $2,000 over a one-month period for google ads management. We understand that every case is different. It’s best to have a chat with our team to find the most suitable budget for your goals.

Which platforms should I advertise on?

We can help you determine the most suitable channels to advertise your business. We’ll look at your target audience and desired outcomes to map out a digital advertising strategy tailored for your business.

Do I need an “always on” campaign?

We strongly recommend having an “always on” campaign running to help you build momentum and awareness in the market all year round. Customers are always on, so why shouldn’t you be?

Why work with us?

Aston Digital is a leading Google Ads Management Agency in Melbourne

Let’s grow your business, together

We’ll become an extension of your team, aspiring to achieve your business goals. Your success becomes our success. 

We’re results driven!

Our in-depth reporting of your Google Ads performance keeps us focussed on delivering results.

No one understands the “blue brands” like we do

We are well aligned with professional and corporate businesses in industries including government, not-for-profit, law enforcement, healthcare, automotive, civil construction, adventure and lifestyle. 

Our team doing Google Ads Management
Looking for a complete Digital Marketing Plan? Discover our Digital Brand Story Framework!

Everything you do online is driven by your brand; what your brand stands for, what you do, what your proposition is, why people should listen, etc.

Understanding your brand is vital. That’s why we first start by defining your brand in terms of a Hollywood movie script. The Brand Story outlines who your customer is, what they want, why they want it and how you’re going to help them get it. 

If you’re wanting to start your digital marketing strategy from scratch, or review your existing strategy, our Digital Brand Story framework might be for you!

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Nobody understands the ‘blue brands’ like we do. See how we’ve helped them achieve their digital marketing goals.

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