Increasing organic traffic on eCommerce websites

Increasing organic traffic on eCommerce websites

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Want to make those sales that come from almost nowhere?

Those sales that ‘come from nowhere’ are the panacea of ecommerce. The golden goose if you will. Usually, those sales have come from organic Google listings.

Problem is, those rankings are so very hard to get. Highly competitive marketplaces and an everchanging Google algorithm makes it hard.

  • Your products must be well described

  • Your website user experience must be near perfect

  • Your website meta data has to be entirely complete

  • Your site must be fast. Really fast.

It sounds simple, but anyone who’s tried to do it themselves knows that it’s not. That’s where we step in.

Understanding Search Matching Behaviours

Google might be the machine, but humans do the searching, and ultimately the buying. It’s the humans you want to cater for. Helping them get what they want is paramount.

In the world of selling online, Google represents a big piece of the puzzle, however, Google’s entire mission is to simply provide users with the best possible answer to what they’re looking for.

Thus, to be successful online you must create content, products, pages and websites that do their very best to answer the question that the user is asking. Do that, and you’ll be ahead.


Finding niches to leap-frog the competition

Search engine campaigns that deliver successful, long-lasting ranking improvements require expertise.

The challenge for eCommerce-brand SEO Managers is compounded by:

  • Competitors continually improving
  • Constantly changing user behaviours
  • Media landscape always evolving

  • Google never staying constant

  • The technical nature of SEO

Our Search Engine Optimisation Methodology

Start with what you’re selling

Knowing what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to gives us the most important foundation – what are the keywords they’ll be typing in, and where.

Research, optimise, rinse and repeat

After locating the highest value keywords, our team then optimises, tweaks and adds content to your site.

For eCommerce brands this most commonly centers around product pages and product category pages., both of which require immense focus on metadata, alt tags, correct imagery, user experience and a decent amount of the written word.

how to sit on page one of google

Our eCommerce SEO Method

Our eCommerce SEO Method




Speed test



Finding the niches that help you win, fast.

SEO can be a slow road, a sometimes impossible road, thanks to the sheer amount of competition. Getting your products seen and sold is key, the best way to do that is by finding your niches and doubling down on them.

Niching down on your product means:

  • Identifying the literal need your product fulfills
  • Finding the search terms people who have that need are using
  • Locating any geographical restrains or opportunities that may exist
  • Ensuring price points are both competitive and clearly visible to Google
  • Proper use of reviews and star ratings

Seamless, multi-platform ranking improvement strategies

The science of search engines is not just about putting some keywords on a webpage. It’s a multidisciplinary art form that takes a combination of the brightest people with the sharpest tools to get the outcome you want.

Our services include best-in-class:

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