We get it.  There are some terms that mean very different today as they did before.  Because of this, Aston Social has created a little bit of our own dictionary to help business owners get a little bit into the social media jargon.

Common social media marketing terminology:


SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization.  This is the magic that small daily habits of a business owner could do. How?  SEO follows a specific set of rules that would rank content of a website. Everybody who wants to rank really follow every SEO rule to the dot to make everything go smoothly.

Pro-Tip: Do not be overwhelmed by the word.  As we said, SEO is just the culmination of every single habit that a business owner follows every single day, nothing more and nothing less.


The hashtag or formerly known as the sharp sign is kind of like the keywords on social media.  It categorizes posts so when you put #FoodBlog on your posts, it will join the other posts of the same name and people no longer need to use other search engines and just use #FoodBlog to search for what they want.

Pro-Tip: Always capitalize when changing words so there would be no confusion #MassExperiment may read totally different to #massexperiment, got it

Engagement Rate

No, we are not talking about a wedding.  The engagement rate is the rate that you catch the attention of the audience and if they actually engage into the content.  This value is of big help as it ensures that the marketing strategy used by the business is on point and blends in with the crowd.

Facebook Advertising

This refers to the whole system of advertising that can only be found on Facebook.  Facebook continuously changes their rules on advertising so there is really no clear cut rule on how it is done.  As we say here in Aston Social, we just go with the flow.

Pro-Tip: The rules may change but Facebook Advertising requires much more than just following rules, it is about proper timing and engagement.  This is something that we can offer at Aston Social.


When a person likes your tweet, he would “quote” you by re-tweeting. For example:

Aston Social: Don’t you just hate it when people re-tweet for no reason?  Re-tweet if you agree.

When a person re-tweets your posts, he either agrees with you or just likes your post.  This is related to engagement.


GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format, which means small-animated images that consumers love! These are often funny clips put together to show an emotion without words.  We are very addicted to these formats; we have to admit.


This is basically your name on social media.  Our best tip is to make sure that you have the same handle on all of your social media accounts so you are easy to find.


When you are verified, the public is assured that you are not cat fishing them or that you are not a fraud.

Social Media Guide

Here are the simple social media definitions that you need to know:

  1. Facebook – The social media platform where everyone is in, even our parents, and even fake news.
  2. Snapchat – The platform for those who likes videos that just stay for 24 hours and then they are gone forever.
  3. Twitter – this is where 280 characters would be enough to get a message across.
  4. Pinterest – where images are called pins.
  5. Instagram – for people who like to stalk other people’s photos.

Pro-tip: Get help from experts like the ones that we have at Aston Social, that way, you learn while you work at your social media following.

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