Our rebrand has given us the opportunity to start from scratch. New look, new feel.

One thing we were lacking as Aston Social was our own content in the form of images and video. This has now become a pivotal focus of our brand strategy. We’re always encouraging our clients to produce their own content, so why wouldn’t we?

Late last year we gathered for our first official Aston Digital content shoot. Our brief was focused around content for our new website and marketing materials ahead of our launch. We wanted to inject some personality into Aston Digital and really show the world who we are; ‘blue brand’ specialists.

We found a location that enabled us to show different scenarios across varying settings both indoors and outdoors. This would give us a variety of content to use over a 6-12 month period across our newly developed website, email communications and social media channels. Of course, there was plenty of fun along the way and many of Daniel’s token ‘dad jokes’.

aston digital collage

We live in a world saturated by advertising. Having your own branded content, especially in 2024, builds trust with prospective customers and establishes authenticity.

When customers trust you, they’ll use your products and services. And when customers trust you, Google trusts you, too, since what they’re looking for is engagement and good user experience. Another important element for us is holding onto the good ‘SEO juice’ of our old website. Quality content becomes pivotal.

While we’re currently marketing using this suite of imagery and video content, we’ve already started the planning for our next shoot. Content creation never ends!

Ready for a content refresh?

Been a while since you had your last content shoot? Or perhaps, you’re looking for ways to improve your methods of acquiring content on a more general level?

Let’s work together to develop a complete digital content strategy!

digital content creation

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