Email marketing is one of the most direct marketing campaigns to build meaningful connection with your audience or customers, and it’s important that you have a set of tools to help grow your marketing strategy.

Here is a list of tips on how to boost your email marketing list.

1. Sign up Options

Collecting email address with sign up forms can increase sales and improve long terms customer engagement. You can also establish a more direct marketing strategy who has not returned to your business in a while since you already have their information. Your sign up form should be easy and clear to understand so customers have a quick insight of what to do.

Ways to use sign up options:

  • Add a sign up button to your social media channels

  • Create a dedicated sign up page

  • Create shareable sign up links

  • Add CTA’s (Call-To-Action) sections on your business pages

  • Use separate pages for log-in and sign-up pages

Sign up forms are one of the most important aspect of email marketing growth. When done right, email signup forms can bring significant advantages in improving your marketing strategy!

2. Modal and Pop-up Subscriptions

A well-customised pop-up subscription can help grab people’s attention since it automatically shows on your website without disrupting the page content. It can also be used in many ways such as showcasing your brand, increasing conversion rate, or serves as an additional guidance to the page they are viewing.

Ways to use pop-up subscriptions:

  • Integrate your newsletter sign-up form with your modal pop-up boxes

  • Include a short message on what benefits they can get from signing up

  • Keep the design of your pop-up incline with your brand

  • Place the pop-up once the visitor enters the website

  • Embed a media such as a welcome video or image along with the subscription form in your modal or pop-up box to help send a clear message to your audience

Pop-ups grabs people’s attention and can be a very useful method to grow your email marketing. Try to use them properly by not spamming your webpages with pop-ups as it would potentially annoy visitors.

3. Giveaways and Contests

Giving gifts as a marketing strategy is not only fun and engaging, but it can also drive your lead generation through email marketing at the same time! It is one of the best methods to connect with your audience easily, enforcing brand identity. By also offering customers promotional material or inviting them to a contest/raffle, this will lead them spreading the word thus increasing your sales and ROI based on the product and services that you are promoting.

Benefits of giveaways and contests for your marketing strategy:

  • It emphasises brand recognition which is an advantage for your email marketing campaigns

  • It can easily go viral on social media platforms

  • It is cost effective because offering giveaways or contests is something most audience could not resist, which falls under the category of scarcity marketing

  • You enforce customer value which gives your business a good image and reputation

  • It simply increases your number of leads which can lead to more sales

Prize giveaways act as an incentive for customers who engages with your offer, which helps expand your email marketing campaigns. It is not doubt would increase sales from people interested in the products and services that you offer.

You can also check some of our free templates here that could help with your web and social media marketing strategy.

Find our more how Aston Social can help you in building an effective email marketing strategy for your business! Contact us today.

As the year 2022 enters, we at Aston Social wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

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