This year is flying by, isn’t it? Over the past fortnight we’ve been sending out our client Audience Intelligence Reports for Q1 of 2024 (January to March). The Audience Intelligence Report provides an overview of exactly who is engaging with a brand across their social media channels and website. This can help tailor the types of messaging going out on each channel more appropriately.

Some of the metrics we cover are social media followers by demographic, ad performance by platform and placement, website user demographics and more.

The results from Q1 showed us that we shouldn’t make assumptions about who is active on particular social media platforms. Here are 4 key things we learnt…

1. Males aged 45 and over are active on TikTok

While it’s fair to say most of TikTok’s audience pool is on the younger side, there still is strong engagement from an older audience. One of our clients in the automotive sector runs an ‘always on’ TikTok campaign exclusively targeting males aged 25 and over. What surprised us was that 51% of interactions came from users aged 45 and above.

2. Gender breakdowns on Instagram are much more even than you think

It’s been widely reported that Instagram is much more female dominated but we’ve started to see a shift in user behaviour. A number of our clients across a range of different industries saw more engagement from a male audience over female (when targeting all genders) this quarter.

3. Marketplace is the most effective placement type for ecommerce brands

With so many placement opportunities available across the Meta network, we love to see which ad formats and placement types offer more bang for buck. The key standout we saw this quarter was amongst our ecommerce clients. The top Meta placement for each brand was marketplace. It does make sense. Why wouldn’t you serve a shopping ad to someone when they are in the mindframe of shopping!?

4. Users in senior roles are most active on LinkedIn

Across all industries, we found LinkedIn engagement was highest from users in more senior roles. Generally speaking, those in a senior position are more likely to promote their brand and engage in conversations on LinkedIn, so we weren’t too surprised by this result.

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