It’s time to finish the end of financial year (EOFY) with a bang! An EOFY sale is a great strategy to boost your sales (especially when things are quieter than normal) and also a handy way to clear excess stock.

With a number of businesses running sales in the lead up to June 30, you will need to implement strategies that will help you cut through the noise and attract the attention of your customers. “How do I do that,” you ask? Read on to find out…

Strategy #1 – Offer a deal that’s too good to refuse

Channel your inner Don Corleone and create an offer that is going to be irresistible to your customers. Discount a popular product, set up a ‘buy one, get one 50% off’ or create a bundle package. Remember to also set a sale end date to build some urgency around it.

offer you can't refuse

Strategy #2 – Give your customers VIP access

Invite your customer base to access the sale before the public. It creates the illusion that a desired product might sell quickly and drives your customer to buy before they miss out.

Send out VIP access codes or links via SMS to make it feel especially exclusive.

sms vip sale

Strategy #3 – Win customers back with unique promo codes

Convert those lost sales by sending out unique promo codes or sale reminders. It’s likely that a cost issue prevented them from going ahead with their initial purchase so tell them it’s now on sale. For example, “Left something in your cart? Good news – it’s been added to our EOFY Sale! Shop now and get it 30% off.”

discount code offer

Strategy #4 – Target consumers who have already expressed interest in your brand

This is similar to Strategy #3 except you’re targeting consumers who didn’t quite get to the checkout stage. If you have your pixel tracking set up correctly, you can send targeted ads on social media and Google to consumers who have previously checked out your brand. Make it known that you’re having a sale and draw them back in to purchase.

remarketing tactic

Looking to launch your EOFY campaign online but needs some guidance? Aston Digital helps ecommerce businesses like yours to effectively promote their brand online and achieve the best possible return on investment. Find out how we can work together.

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