Social Media Community Management Strategy

Social Media Engagement Policy

Knowing how to engage your audience is vital to the success of any Social Media Marketing activities. Ensuring your organisation has an approved community management strategy allows your community managers to react in real time and handle communications in a timely, on-brand manner.

Below is a template for the creation of your Social Media Community Management plan. Follow the steps included in the template and upon completion you’ll have an approved community management strategy that will cover 99% of the events that will happen on Social Media.

You can download the Community Management Strategy template here.

1. Social Brand Voice

Each brand has it’s own voice. Nike will always ‘just do it’ and BMW will always be the ‘ultimate driving machine’. It’s important to outline the kind of language that represents your brand, particularly for Social Media, which loses the body language of a salesperson in a shop, and the tone of a person on the phone. It’s vitally important to describe the type of language in a few different ways

2. Key Words

In addition to language tone and descriptors, it’s important to know the sort of keywords that should be used in Social Media for your brand. This can be useful for a number of reasons, for example, Search Engine Optimisation and Google rankings, but it’s primarily important because each brand has certain words that are used often, as well as certain words that in context can mean very different things to what they might otherwise normally.

3. Topics

It’s normal for all sorts of conversations to occur on Social Media – just like in real life, people talk about all sorts of things. It’s important to acknowledge that this happens and have rules around what to engage in, and what not to engage in.

This section is for you to outline the key topics that you can talk about, as well as the ones that shouldn’t be engaged in, as well as any key controversial topics that should be avoided and flagged.

4. Example Content

Provide a series of example pieces of content that are already created by your organisation and brand(s). These can be simply cut and paste from existing pieces or can be links to entire copy blocks like websites or brochures. 

5. Emergency Contacts

In the event you can’t answer a question, reply to a query or they identify a sale opportunity, these are the key contacts who will be able to assist.

Download the Community Management Strategy template here.

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