Although TikTok has quickly grown to be one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide, you may be wondering – is it worth investing time into it for my business? 

TikTok has amassed over 1 billion users since its introduction in 2016, with the same number actively using the app each month, according to TikTok. TikTok can be compared to Instagram, but only with video content. While the video editing tools make it easy to produce engaging content, it also requires extra time to take video footage in addition to photos that you may use on other platforms. 

If you’re not convinced that your business should be on yet another social media platform, here are a few reasons that may convince you otherwise:


1. Exposure

Many businesses have found success on TikTok thanks to the amazing algorithm and visibility it provides. By being present on TikTok, your company will have access to an audience that it won’t have on other platforms. Exposure is one of the most crucial things for business owners to have because it increases your chances of attracting new clients, keeping the ones you already have, and raising awareness of your brand as a whole. By investing some time into growing your audience and following or even using it for paid advertising, it will undoubtedly reach a new audience that you’re not reaching through other platforms.

2. Maximize Creativity

Part of what makes TikTok unique is its inbuilt video editing tools. Users are able to utilize common sounds, music, react to others’ videos, duet, stitch and use the green screen feature. This increases your visibility to a much larger audience and TikTok’s algorithm also helps increase the likelihood that your posts will appear on the For You Page of your target audience.

3. It’s not just for Gen-Z

Another great reason to jump on the TikTok train is because the platform is growing rapidly. Although it’s simple to dismiss TikTok for business at first with the reasoning that “TikTok is mainly for Gen-Z, my target demographic isn’t on there,” however, that’s no longer the case. If we look back at other social media sites, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, they all began as extremely ‘young’ platforms with limited perceived value for businesses. Clearly, these social platforms are now populated by people from many different generations and are used as a marketing tool by millions of companies. With TikTok, the same thing is to be anticipated because it’s growing at a great exponential rate.

4. Trends

TikTok began as a social media platform for sharing music and videos, but it has now developed into an app that features millions of trends and encourages creativity. It is simple to develop content that is pertinent and on-brand to your company without having to conduct extensive research thanks to TikTok’s implementation of an effective algorithm that shows people trending videos relevant to their interests. The For You Page is the app’s “explore page,” where users may watch and interact with an infinite stream of popular videos. When numerous videos use the same sound and structure, it is clear that a particular video style is “trending.”

Although there are certainly many pros to businesses being on TikTok, it may not necessarily be the best fit for every business. A couple things you should consider are:

  • Can you showcase your products or services easily through video content?
  • Are you open to trying something new and spending some extra time experimenting on the app?

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should be using TikTok, hopefully this post helps give you more clarity on the app’s potential. If you have any questions, want to learn more or are interested in professional marketing services, we can help!

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